The most important part of a brand: the logo.

A logo is a graphically genius representation or symbol of a person, company name, trademark or abbreviation. It is the hope that by having an intriguing logo, your target audience will associate you with your brand and continue to recognize that time and time again.

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    Logo Layout

    My Personal Logo

    This logo is a representation of my personal brand that I created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The font is Century Gothic Regular with a 100 pt. tracking. When a full text logo or I need something more compact, I will use the stamp logo.

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    CT3 Photography Logo

    I created this logo for a CT3 Photography using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to resprent the photographer's specific type of style. The font is Cafeina Normal with no tracking.

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    Images by Emily Logo

    These two logos are representing two different styles of photography for one brand. The logo on the left is fun and inviting, mainly used for photographing senior portraits and young children, while the logo on the right is more sophisticated and elegant so that it can be used for weddings and higher end clients.